By Peter Hill

Roadworthy Certificate Importance

A current roadworthy certificate is one of the most important aspects to have in preparing to sell your car (or any other vehicle used on the road, including trailers, caravans and motorcycles).

roadworthy certificate


Also referred to as a safety certificate, this item is a legal requirement according to Queensland law and must be obtained and displayed in full view on the registered vehicle from the moment it is listed or offered for sale. This requirement applies regardless of whether the vehicle is advertised for sale online, in a public place, in print media, or even when a simple sign is placed in the car window implying that the vehicle may be for sale.

Put simply, a roadworthy certificate is issued by a Queensland government- approved inspector after a vehicle has passed a minimum safety standard inspection. Covered in this inspection are basic vehicle components that could affect its safe operation on the road, and includes

● Brakes
● Tyres
● Handbrake
● Steering
● Suspension
● Lights
● Windscreen
● Seatbelts
● Body damage or rust

The Safety Certificate is important as it offers the buyer not only peace of mind, but better protection in the knowledge that the vehicle is safe, hence the likelihood of accidents due to defects in the vehicle is greatly reduced.

It should be noted a roadworthy certificate is not a comprehensive mechanical inspection of the vehicle. It is also strongly recommended that a full mechanical inspection also be carried out prior to finalising a purchase.

The only time a vehicle does not require a safety certificate prior to sale is when it is exempt, as in the following circumstances:

● The disposer is in a remote and/or exempt area.
● The disposal is between spouses (even if they are separated).
● The vehicle is being transferred to the beneficiary of a deceased estate.
● The vehicle is unregistered and being traded to or between licensed auto dealers.

Display of the safety certificate must be in obvious and full view, for example, in the car windscreen or window.

These certificates are valid for two months or 2000km when the seller is not a licensed dealer. If the vehicle is transferred more than once, even within this period, a new certificate is required.

A roadworthy certificate is of utmost importance when selling a vehicle. Not only is it the law, (failure to have one carries a monetary fine), but it offers basic protection to the buyer and confirmation that the car is safe to drive on the road.

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