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Auto King provides mobile pre-purchase car inspection services in and around Brisbane, and on the Gold Coast. Our staff members are professional and prompt, and will undertake and deliver as comprehensive a pre-purchase car inspection as any service centre. All tools and equipment required are carried to your location. Call us first thing in the morning of the day you require the pre-purchase car inspection and we will endeavour to come to you that same day. On the rare occasions that we are unable to accommodate you on the same day, we will arrange a mutually suitable time as soon as possible.
✅ We do mobile pre purchase inspections
✅ We do mobile car and vehicle inspections
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Pre Purchase Car Inspections Frequently asked questions:

How much does a pre-purchase car inspection cost?

Our comprehensive written and the verbal pre-purchase car inspection report is $199 for the standard passenger (and commercial) and $229 for four-wheel-drive vehicles. The content included covers major concerns such as gearbox, engine and steering components, to such considerations as paint condition and horn function. Once we have assessed the vehicle, you will be in a better position to decide whether it is worth purchasing.


Unless you are a mechanic, don’t risk it!

Most people don’t have the knowledge to be able to determine whether a car is in good, safe working condition.
While you may not understand some of the items listed on the pre-purchase car inspection report, you can be assured that our inspection leaves no stone unturned in the assessment of the car. Avoid any reason for stress or anxiety. Obtain an expert opinion from the outset and get peace of mind.


Is it really worth the money?

Should the pre-purchase car inspection identify any faults, these can be used to negotiate with the seller for a reduced price if you wish to go ahead with the vehicle purchase. If no faults are identified, you have definitive peace of mind that you are purchasing a good car. Our mechanics can also advise you regarding future service cost estimates.

Some of our work

Please use the QUICK QUOTE form, to get one of our admin staff to phone you and make a time that suits.


99% of all inspections result in our customers saving more than the cost of the inspection.

They just show the report to the seller and then getting them to drop the price on the things that need fixing.