We do mobile car servicing.

We do mobile log book servicing.

We ALWAYS tell you the price first.

We never exceed what we quote.

We can beat any price. Please go to top left and send a QUICK QUOTE sms!



How much do mobile car services cost?

We have fixed price servicing from $169 depending on your type of car.
If you need repairs we quote upfront and never exceed the quote.

Mobile log book servicing and warranty protection.

We use approved parts and stamp your log book so your warranty is safe.

What if I need additional items or repairs? What does that cost?

Firstly if you need any additional work we do not just do it and hand you the bill.
All of us at Auto King have lived in the real world and at some stage in our lives had
a bad mechanic experience. There is nothing worse than a mechanic doing a whole
lot of extra work WITHOUT TELLING YOU and then expecting to get paid.
If your car requires any extra work we will simply tell you what is required, how much
it will cost and then leave the decision up to you.
You can even phone around while we are there and compare our price with other mechanics.
Please use the QUICK QUOTE form in the top left to get one of our admin staff to phone you and arrange a time that suits.