By Peter Hill

The Pre-purchase inspection – what you should know …

Pre Purchase Inspection

The purchase of a car is a significant investment – both in terms of financial outlay, as well as considerations concerning the safety and wellbeing of the driver and passengers. While every vehicle sold in Queensland must have a valid basic safety certificate, a pre-purchase inspection by a professional is also highly recommended.

A pre-purchase condition report is exhaustive, including some items most people won’t be familiar with and, as such, should be undertaken by a qualified professional mechanic.

At Auto King, we proudly offer mobile pre-purchase car inspections covering the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Our inspectors will travel to the location of the car listed for sale to carry out the inspection. The report provided by our inspector to the potential buyer is comprehensive, both written and verbal, and content is compatible with the equivalent RACQ report.

Items checked and covered in our 56-point visual pre-purchase inspection include:

Body: Points 1-7

Panels; paint condition; doors and locks; window glass and mirrors; interior condition; seats and seat belts; and is bodywork soiled or clean, wet or dry when inspected?

Electricals: Points 8-15

External lights; battery; washers and wipers; horn; charge, temperature and oil indicators; heater and demister system; and air-conditioning.

Under-body: Points 16-29

Frame and members; panels; exhaust system; front suspension; rear suspension; shock absorbers; steering components; wheel bearings; automatic oil level/condition; gearbox and differential; drive shafts, universals and CV joints; clutch controls; and braking system – check for leaks and damaged pipes.

Tyres and wheels including spare: Points 30-39

Engine: Points 40-49

Power balance; engine noises; engine fumes and exhaust smoke; oil level, condition and seals; mountings; visible emission components; water hoses and cooling system; auxiliary drive belts; fuel system; and ignition system.

Road Test: Points 50-56

For a minimum of 8km, the car is driven on-road and assessed for ease of starting; engine performance; drive-train operation; steering and suspension; a visual check of the speedometer and odometer; and brake operation. The inspector will comment on the overall condition of the vehicle for both body and mechanics, and note any items that require attention. Any faults found and noted in the 56 point visual pre-purchase inspection can be used to possibly negotiate a lower price should the buyer still wish to purchase the car. Where no fault is found, the buyer can go ahead with confidence that the vehicle is in great condition, safe to drive, and worth the asked purchase price. For a 56 point visual pre-purchase inspection on your car, contact Auto King on 1300 09 29 49