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Queensland Code of Practice: Vehicle Modifications

The Queensland Code of Practice: Vehicle Modifications (the QCOP) is an approved code of practice that provides the requirements for modifications that are unique to Queensland, and are not be included in the NCOP.

Modification plates in Queensland are also known as “Mod Plates”modification

These modifications are:

  • LC1—Dual-controls for driver trainer vehicles (Design)
  • LC2—Dual-controls for driver trainer vehicles (Modification)
  • LC3—Vehicle controls for persons with a disability (Design)
  • LC4—Vehicle controls for persons with a disability (Modification)
  • LH9—Street Rod Certification (Concessional)
  • LH10—Street Rod Certification (Full)
  • LS9—High Lift – 50mm-125mm (Design)
  • LS10—High Lift – 50mm-125mm (Modification)
  • LS11—Gross Vehicle Mass Rating of Light Vehicles
  • LS12—Light Trailer Modifications

Specific modifications

Some owners require approval for vehicle modifications which may be outside the scope of the approved codes of practice and approval by an Approved Person and must be approved by the department.

The Motor Vehicle Modification Application form (F1854) must be used when applying to the Department of Transport and Main Roads for a specific modification. A fee is payable for the evaluation of plans. Gaining approval before commencing any specific modifications is strongly recommended. Please send the application form and your submission to:

Vehicle Standards
Department of Transport and Main Roads
PO Box 673
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006

Applicants should supply as much vehicle and engineering detail as possible to allow the modification to be assessed and avoid delays in processing of submissions.

Please note: Applications to modify a vehicle outside the requirements of an approved code of practice will only be considered by Transport and Main Roads if there is a genuine operational need for the modification.

For further advice regarding vehicle modifications please call 13 23 80.

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