By Peter Hill

Car servicing is one of those routine chores we all know we need to see to, yet frequently put off.

With today’s busy lifestyle, those who need a car service (Gold Coast or Brisbane) know the rigmarole of booking into a service centre at a mutually convenient time, taking the car in early on the day of service, arranging transport back home or to work (or, even worse, waiting for hours in the workshop waiting room), getting back to the centre and then collecting the car at the end of the day can be extremely inconvenient to say the least.

Is it any wonder so many people put off or ignore the need for a routine car service?

Mobile Car Servicing

The good news is that there is an alternative. For anyone requiring a car service, Gold Coast or Brisbane, Auto King has a team of professional mobile mechanics who will come to you to carry out your entire vehicle servicing needs.

Wherever you are located, be it at home, at work in an office, on a worksite or even undertaking duties in your child’s school tuckshop, we can come to you and carry out your routine car service in the driveway, car park or by the roadside.




What are some of the benefits of enlisting Auto King to carry out your mobile car service (Gold Coast)?

Convenience: This may be the number one benefit to you as the client. Any concerns about getting your car to the service location and how to carry on with your daily schedule are wiped away. While we get on with your car service (Gold Coast), you can get on with your life – with no interruptions!

Transparency: When you take your car to a service centre or workshop and leave it there all day, do you really know just what is being done to it? Has the service actually been carried out properly? Has your vehicle been used for a quick trip up the road at lunchtime? Are you getting everything you are paying for? With a mobile mechanic, like Auto King, the work is done in your garage or driveway and you are welcome to watch us work (if you feel so inclined). Most mobile mechanics will provide an upfront quote as well – so you have peace of mind that you will get what you pay for.

Friendliness: All members of our expert team of professional mechanics are friendly and approachable – qualities that are not always present in mechanics working in a service centre or workshop. Mobile mechanics are trained to be, and are generally by nature, very friendly and easy to talk to – so questioning them about any aspect of your vehicle or the service should not be a daunting task.

Price: It is quite common that mobile car servicing is more affordable than workshop servicing – and you’re not paying for fuel to get to and from the workshop.

So the simple answer to the question of “Can I get my car serviced anywhere?” is yes!

Call Auto King on 1300 309 713 for your car service, Gold Coast or Brisbane, and let us come to you. Never again will servicing your car be a chore.