Do you have discolored headlights or they have been oxidised?

Then our Headlight Restore service is exactly what you need to rejuvenate your headlights. As the leader of its kind in Queensland, we make sure we live up to our promise by providing optimal care for headlights. Through extensive research and over five years of product testing, we have devised techniques that will make your headlights as good as new. Since we use premium quality products, we boldly offer 3 year guarantee on our services. This is our way of ensuring you don’t worry about your headlights in a long time.

Headlights oxidise because they are made from highly durable plastics, made from Polycarbonate and that are used to deflect stones. Since polycarbonate doesn’t bear sun rays well, it discolors and glazes. This is why vehicle manufacturers apply UV protection to headlights, but this solution isn’t sustainable.

When rays from the sun are extra harsh, the UV protection on headlights degrades and need to be replaced or restored. You will know the right time for our services because your headlight will begin to yellow through and glaze. They may also look discolored or cloudy. Anytime you notice these about your headlights, bring them to us and they will be restored with durable and high quality UV clear coat.

When we remove the worn out UV protection and recoat it with our specially formulated UV protective coating. This will guarantee that your headlight looks new for years since we will use the highest quality product in the market today. The entire renewal process takes about an hour and we can carry it out in your home or office. Our clients include Benz, Audi, BMW and many independent mechanics.

It is important that your headlights are in top shape as they contribute to your security and safety when on the road. You should ensure that you do not joke with the safety and visibility of your headlights. It also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle making it obvious that it is adequately maintained. This way, you will prevent hassles with authorities and prevent loss of points from your licence and costly fines. If you have been taking the state of your headlights for granted till this point, now you know why you should pay attention. The entire renewal process will be done at your convenience.

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