Yep, It’s FAKE!

Unhappy Chap ✅ FAKE
Will Smarts ✅ FAKE
Jim Bowen ✅ FAKE
Anita Pang ✅ FAKE
Krystal Rutherford ✅ FAKE
Mel Hodges ✅ FAKE
Samantha Dickson ✅ FAKE
Who Dini ✅ FAKE
Peter Pan ✅ FAKE
Gerald Thomas ✅ FAKE
Malcolm Schmidt ✅ FAKE
Val Turner ✅ FAKE
Jodie Peers ✅ FAKE


Not only have they left us over 50+ fake review they have also dedicated an entire website to us

(Link below, we are so chuffed at the effort they have put in!!! BLESS! Literally hundreds of hours for us)


On their website they cite we have 350 NEGATIVE reviews since November 2016 (Including the 50+ they have left).


In the same period we have issued just shy of 60,000 invoices (about 500 a week on average).


Between FEEFO and our google places we have received over 3,000 POSITIVE reviews in the same period.


We are not denying we have some unhappy customers, We are a mechanic and lets be honest…. nobody gets excited about paying for car repairs!


Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go to plan and people will leave a negative review


SO of 60,000 invoices we have:


94.5% being about 56,700 of people satisfied

5% being about 3,000 so satisfied they felt motivated to jump online and leave a review

0.5% being 300 people not happy and have left a negative review.




Now we have a stalker who has spent what appears to be hundreds and hundreds of hours devoted to leaving fake reviews and even created the below website:

(Not the sexiest website but it’s the thought that counts right?)


We love it….. We are actually so flattered with all the hours they have been putting into SEO for our business. Besides our loyal customers we also owe them a big thank you for all the unpaid help getting us to break a record 8,000 inbound calls last month in July 2019(see below). Obviously our stalker can’t take all the credit but we wanted to put in a little bit of effort and create this page for a giggle just to let them know we care.

We will be making pages for each stalker when out web developer has spare time in-between real tasks, It’s the least we can do to pay them back for all the effort they put into us…


Keep up the good work stalker Love Auto King team XOX