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servicingLog book Service.

Typically for cars less than 8 years OR under 180,000 kms.

Log book service is what the manufacturer specifies doing to the car and typically if you have a car that is under 8 years old or under 180,000km, you will want to get a Log book Service done, this will tell you what needs to be done for that particular interval. Logbook servicing can be 7,500 kilometres, 10,000 kilometres, 12,500 kilometres, 15,000 kilometres some cars can go 25,000 km before they require a service. All cars are different and your log book will tell you when you’re servicing.

Maintenance service

Typically for cars older than 5 years OR over 180,000 kms.

A maintenance service is regarded as preventative maintenance and is checking that there’s nothing that needs to be replaced before it fails and cause damage or leaves you stranded somewhere. It included replacing your engine oil and oil filter as well as a full vehicle inspection including your battery, inspecting your rubber blades and your head lights, inspecting all your cooling system, all your drive belts, your brakes, your suspension and just making sure that there’s nothing that is about to fail or has signs of excessive wear.

Major Service

We will never book any car in for a Major Service as there’s no point in booking something in for a major service if you don’t know what it needs. We never recommend getting a major service and find it’s a way for other auto mechanics to rip off customers while booking them in for work they don’t need. We always recommend getting it a maintenance service which will include checking for any parts that you might need that could be called a major service.

Tune Up

Back in the day a tune up was what they called when your place your plugs, leads and timing was replaced and adjusted. Nowadays everything is electronic and there’s no such thing as a tune up. If your vehicle isn’t running right, it’s because a given part needs replacing and it’s not at its optimum performance. Typically you can plug your vehicle into a scan tool and it will tell you exactly what’s wrong and what needs to be replaced so that it’s “tuned up” as such.

Fleet Servicing

Fleet Servicing is just a term given to managing a business’ multiple cars. Yes we do fleet servicing and handle all business fleet related automotive services.

We service all of the Newcastle suburbs for onsite car services and car servicing including Adamstown, Adamstown Heights, Bar Beach, Beresfield, Birmingham Gardens, Black Hill, Broadmeadow, Callaghan (University), Carrington, Cooks Hill, Elermore Vale, Fletcher, Georgetown, Hamilton, Hamilton East, Hamilton North, Hamilton South, Hexham, The Hill, Islington, Jesmond, The Junction, Kooragang, Kotara, Lambton, Lenaghan, Maryland, Maryville, Mayfield, Mayfield East, Mayfield North, Mayfield West, Merewether, Merewether Heights, Minmi, New Lambton, New Lambton Heights, Newcastle, Newcastle East, Newcastle West, North Lambton, Rankin Park, Sandgate, Shortland, Stockton, Tarro, Tighes Hill, Wallsend, Warabrook, Waratah, Waratah West and Wickham

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