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batteriesWe can beat any price … guaranteed!

10% less then anywhere else and that is GUARANTEED.
Call Marshall or RACQ and then call us and we guarantee you will save a minimum of 10%
or we will install it free.

We pay cash for your old battery!

We are the only installers that will pay cash for your old battery!
If we load test your battery and can see that we will be able to restore it and sell it wholesale to a car yard we will pay you cash for it.

Call now our average delivery time is 27 minutes!

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Three Things You Must Know Before You Buy a Car Battery.

1. – What is CCA (Cold Crank Amps)?

This is how much power the battery has. Every car is different and you need to fit a battery with the correct amount of cold crank amps.

2. – Insist on the correct CCA for your car!auto-king-car-battery-2

Beware. Fitting a battery that does not have enough power or CCA is silly. It will just wear out faster and you will need another battery.
And remember warranties only cover defective batteries – not ones that have been worn out because they are too small for the car.

3. – The amount of CCA affects price.

Just because you can get a car battery for $99 does not always mean you should buy it If it is too small and the CCA power too low
you will probably need another one in about a year to a year and a half. Pay for the correct amount of CCA and you’ll easily get 3 years
from your new car battery.

Our preferred supplier for all Car Batteries Gold Coast is Battery Man who has a fleet servicing all of the Gold Coast and Brisbane offering installs within 60 minutes.