Why Should I Service My Car Regularly

By Peter Hill

Why car service regularlyCar servicing: it’s one of those tasks we all know needs our attention on a regular basis, yet it’s something many of us put off (or even ignore). Depending on the make and model of your car, service requirements can be dictated by the dealer or mechanic. But how often should a car really be serviced? And does it really need to be serviced at all when it’s running smoothly?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, we have all car service (Gold Coast) information at the ready.

Many people believe that car servicing is unnecessary if the car is running well. This, however, could not be further from the truth. The saying “prevention is better than cure” applies every bit as much to the health of your vehicle as it does to the health of your body.

Regular car servicing, before obvious issues arise, will extend the life of your car. Some ways in which this applies include:

 Defects are found and addressed before they become problematic or even catastrophic
● Servicing will reduce the cost of potential repairs over the life of the vehicle
● There is reduced time off the road for the vehicle
● There will be fewer nasty surprises with regards to the health of the car
● Servicing offers protection from contaminated engine oil
● Reduced chance of accident due to bald tyres or worn/faulty brakes
● Replacement of worn spark plugs before they impact on the running of the car
● Better fuel economy
● Increased life of the vehicle

Having a regular car service, Gold Coast residents can rest assured their investment will pay off with the ongoing maintenance of their vehicle. Most people give servicing little thought, but maintenance by regular services saves money, time and sticky situations in the long run.

How often should your car be serviced? It’s recommended that proper checking of a vehicle by an expert mechanic be undertaken as follows:

● New car service after 1000km mileage
● Change oil and oil filter after every 5000km, or six-monthly (whichever occurs first)
● Periodic change of fuel filter, air filter, gear oils, and hydraulic suspension fluid as recommended in the service book specific for that vehicle
● DO NOT wait for an impending long-distance trip, a breakdown, brakes squeaking, or other symptoms of something being seriously wrong with the car

Part of the reason so many people are not enthusiastic about getting their car serviced regularly is the inconvenience of booking into a service centre on a weekday, dropping the car off in the morning and being without it all day. It can be, put simply, a nuisance.

This is why Auto King has the answer for all car service, Gold Coast and Brisbane-wide, needs and requirements. Our friendly, professional and experienced mechanics will come to you, whether that be at your home or place of work, and undertake your car service while you carry on with your day. There is no inconvenience to you at all.

Call Auto King today on 1300 092 949 for a quote or to book in for a mobile car service (Gold Coast or Brisbane); you will never go back to servicing in a traditional service centre.

How to choose the right mobile mechanic for your business

By Peter Hill

God Coast and Brisbane Mobile Mechanic

If you own or run a business with a fleet of cars, choosing a mobile mechanic (Gold Coast and Brisbane) is an important task. As a business owner you know each and every car must run optimally and be well maintained at all times. Whether the fleet is large or small, a vehicle that is off the road for even a day will equate to loss of productivity and lost earnings for your company.

Even taking a fleet car to a service centre for routine maintenance can result in lost productivity and billable time for the business. This is where it is prudent to choose a mobile mechanic. Gold Coast mobile mechanic service provider Auto King will make life easier for all concerned by coming to your location and servicing your fleet cars on the spot, while you work.

How does one choose a mobile mechanic (Gold Coast and Brisbane) for a business fleet?

Experience – choose a service provider who can prove a significant amount of experience in the industry. A great mobile mechanic will be highly trained, and will, at least periodically, undergo ongoing training in the field. Ensure your chosen technician has all relevant certifications.

Professionalism – choose a professional company to service your vehicles. They need to be reliable, on time, and demonstrate good work practices.

Convenience – Go with a mobile mechanic (Gold Coast)! There is no need to ever be inconvenienced again by the requirement to book into and deliver a vehicle to a service centre, where it will be off-road for an entire day (or longer). A mobile mechanic will come to you – saving time and money.

No gimmicks or nasty surprises – ideally, choose a mobile mechanic with a fixed price service that is quoted upfront. If extra work on your vehicle is required, ensure the mechanic will advise you, provide a quote and leave the decision as to whether or not to go ahead in your hands.

Mobile Mechanic on the Gold Coast and Brisbane


Auto King is your premium mobile mechanic, Gold Coast and Brisbane-wide. With many years of experience and expertise, our friendly and professional mechanics will come to you at your place of business or any other location to suit your needs, and carry out your service and maintenance on the spot. We can undertake this in a carpark, on the street, or in a driveway. Our friendly and professional mobile mechanics bring everything they require to your premises; this saves you, as a business owner, money, time, and eliminates the inconvenience of delivering a car to a service centre during valuable working hours.

A great team of mobile mechanics is crucial to a well-run fleet of cars. Call Auto King (Gold Coast mobile mechanic specialist) today on 1300 092 949 for a quote to have your business fleet serviced. We guarantee you’ll be delighted with our service and with our competitive, upfront pricing policy.


Why we specialised in mobile roadworthy certificates on the Gold Coast

By Peter Hill

As a company, Auto King has been a provider of mobile roadworthy certificates since our business was born in 2006. Initially providing only safety certificates (also known as roadworthy certificates), over time we have expanded into mobile pre-purchase inspections, mobile servicing and mobile repairs.

Why did we choose to specialise in mobile roadworthy certificates?


mobile roadworthyAt some point, everyone who sells a vehicle will require a roadworthy certificate. Gold Coast customers, like clients everywhere, preferred the convenience of having the mechanic travel to them to carry out the inspection – at their home or their place of business. We knew, as a company, that by going mobile we were offering a premium service that Gold Coast clients appreciated.

Our mobile roadworthy certificate service struck a chord with customers who were weary of the inconvenience, stress and hassle of booking their car into a service centre (and possibly waiting days or even weeks for an appointment); delivering the car to the service centre on the day; and either leaving it there (sometimes for an entire day) or waiting around and wasting valuable time, which would have been better spent attending to the day’s agenda.

It was not just business professionals and other full-time employees who found our mobile service to be optimal for their needs. Older people, mothers at home with small children, and carers have also embraced the convenience of our mobile service.

Our mechanics are all friendly, professional and experienced, and carry all tools and equipment necessary to undertake safety certificate inspections on the spot. Wherever our clients are located, from the Gold Coast to Brisbane, we will attend quickly and have the job completed while the customer continues with their day, unencumbered by the need to take their car anywhere or disrupt their own activities and responsibilities.

Our mission at Auto King has always been to provide a prompt, professional and premium service to our valued clients. Customer satisfaction is our end goal and we are proud to have achieved this over the years thanks to our dedication to making the acquisition of a roadworthy certificate fast, convenient and stress-free.

To book an appointment for a roadworthy certificate in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or surrounding areas, call Auto King on 1300 09 29 49 today.

The advantages of getting a mobile roadworthy certificate

By Peter Hill

Brisbane residents, are you selling your car but don’t have time to get a safety certificate (roadworthy certificate)? Then Auto King’s mobile roadworthy Brisbane inspectors may be your answer.

Advantages of getting Roadworthy CertificateSelling a car is an exciting life event. It’s also a potentially stressful undertaking. There are many factors to consider above and beyond setting the asking price, and one of these factors is that the car has a valid safety certificate (roadworthy certificate). That’s where our mobile roadworthy Brisbane inspectors can help.

According to Queensland law, every registered vehicle listed for sale must have a valid safety certificate (roadworthy certificate. Obtaining the certificate involves a comprehensive inspection and provides an assurance that the vehicle is safe to drive. It’s the responsibility of the seller to obtain the safety certificate, which can sometimes be a hassle for young professionals, tradies on the job, busy mums and the elderly.

Auto King provides a mobile roadworthy service for anyone who works or resides in the Brisbane or Gold Coast areas. It is as simple as picking up the phone and arranging a mutually suitable time for an inspector to come to your location to undertake the roadworthy certificate inspection.

The benefits of getting a mobile roadworthy certificate speak for themselves:

Convenience – Rather than fussing about making appointments and getting to a service centre, our mobile roadworthy Brisbane professional will come to your home, work or any other location you need us to attend. We will do our best to come on the day you contact us and at a time that you prefer.

Saves time – You’ll not only save time getting the certificate completed, but knowing that your safety certificate is imminent increases the potential for a swift sale.

Stress free – Instead of chasing after an inspector, you can relax in the knowledge that we come to you. You can carry on with your work or other daily activities while we complete the certificate, rather than wasting an hour or two in a service centre waiting room.

Safety guarantee – Knowing that not only is your vehicle safe to drive, but that you have all of the legal paperwork required to advertise it for sale, can only bring peace of mind.

Suitable for everyone – No matter who you are, you needn’t be concerned about acquiring your safety certificate. From busy professionals, to young mothers stuck at home, to the elderly, through to tradies on the job, a completed safety certificate inspection is just a phone call away.

All of our mobile roadworthy Brisbane inspectors are prompt and will bring all the tools required to complete the inspection, which is as thorough as if you’d taken the vehicle to a workshop.

To book an inspection contact us or call Auto King on 1300 09 29 49 today.


56 point visual pre-purchase inspection

By Peter Hill

The Pre-purchase inspection – what you should know …

Pre Purchase Inspection

The purchase of a car is a significant investment – both in terms of financial outlay, as well as considerations concerning the safety and wellbeing of the driver and passengers. While every vehicle sold in Queensland must have a valid basic safety certificate, a pre-purchase inspection by a professional is also highly recommended.

A pre-purchase condition report is exhaustive, including some items most people won’t be familiar with and, as such, should be undertaken by a qualified professional mechanic.

At Auto King, we proudly offer mobile pre-purchase car inspections covering the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Our inspectors will travel to the location of the car listed for sale to carry out the inspection. The report provided by our inspector to the potential buyer is comprehensive, both written and verbal, and content is compatible with the equivalent RACQ report.

Items checked and covered in our 56-point visual pre-purchase inspection include:

Body: Points 1-7

Panels; paint condition; doors and locks; window glass and mirrors; interior condition; seats and seat belts; and is bodywork soiled or clean, wet or dry when inspected?

Electricals: Points 8-15

External lights; battery; washers and wipers; horn; charge, temperature and oil indicators; heater and demister system; and air-conditioning.

Under-body: Points 16-29

Frame and members; panels; exhaust system; front suspension; rear suspension; shock absorbers; steering components; wheel bearings; automatic oil level/condition; gearbox and differential; drive shafts, universals and CV joints; clutch controls; and braking system – check for leaks and damaged pipes.

Tyres and wheels including spare: Points 30-39

Engine: Points 40-49

Power balance; engine noises; engine fumes and exhaust smoke; oil level, condition and seals; mountings; visible emission components; water hoses and cooling system; auxiliary drive belts; fuel system; and ignition system.

Road Test: Points 50-56

For a minimum of 8km, the car is driven on-road and assessed for ease of starting; engine performance; drive-train operation; steering and suspension; a visual check of the speedometer and odometer; and brake operation. The inspector will comment on the overall condition of the vehicle for both body and mechanics, and note any items that require attention. Any faults found and noted in the 56 point visual pre-purchase inspection can be used to possibly negotiate a lower price should the buyer still wish to purchase the car. Where no fault is found, the buyer can go ahead with confidence that the vehicle is in great condition, safe to drive, and worth the asked purchase price. For a 56 point visual pre-purchase inspection on your car, contact Auto King on 1300 09 29 49

Why a Roadworthy Certificate is important when I am selling a car.

By Peter Hill

Roadworthy Certificate Importance

A current roadworthy certificate is one of the most important aspects to have in preparing to sell your car (or any other vehicle used on the road, including trailers, caravans and motorcycles).

roadworthy certificate

Also referred to as a safety certificate, this item is a legal requirement according to Queensland law and must be obtained and displayed in full view on the registered vehicle from the moment it is listed or offered for sale. This requirement applies regardless of whether the vehicle is advertised for sale online, in a public place, in print media, or even when a simple sign is placed in the car window implying that the vehicle may be for sale.

Put simply, a roadworthy certificate is issued by a Queensland government- approved inspector after a vehicle has passed a minimum safety standard inspection. Covered in this inspection are basic vehicle components that could affect its safe operation on the road, and includes

● Brakes
● Tyres
● Handbrake
● Steering
● Suspension
● Lights
● Windscreen
● Seatbelts
● Body damage or rust

The Safety Certificate is important as it offers the buyer not only peace of mind, but better protection in the knowledge that the vehicle is safe, hence the likelihood of accidents due to defects in the vehicle is greatly reduced.

It should be noted a roadworthy certificate is not a comprehensive mechanical inspection of the vehicle. It is also strongly recommended that a full mechanical inspection also be carried out prior to finalising a purchase.

The only time a vehicle does not require a safety certificate prior to sale is when it is exempt, as in the following circumstances:

● The disposer is in a remote and/or exempt area.
● The disposal is between spouses (even if they are separated).
● The vehicle is being transferred to the beneficiary of a deceased estate.
● The vehicle is unregistered and being traded to or between licensed auto dealers.

Display of the safety certificate must be in obvious and full view, for example, in the car windscreen or window.

These certificates are valid for two months or 2000km when the seller is not a licensed dealer. If the vehicle is transferred more than once, even within this period, a new certificate is required.

A roadworthy certificate is of utmost importance when selling a vehicle. Not only is it the law, (failure to have one carries a monetary fine), but it offers basic protection to the buyer and confirmation that the car is safe to drive on the road.

For a mobile roadworthy certificate done in the convenience of your own home or workplace,
call Auto King on 1300 09 29 49.

What you need to know about a mobile roadworthy certificate

By Peter Hill

Mobile Roadworthy certificate

What you need to know

In this article, we will look at the importance of a roadworthy certificate.  Safe operation of any vehicle is ofparamount importance. The basics for this include working, and adequate levels of safety of, brakes, tyres, steering, seat belts, windscreens, suspension, and lights, as well as limited oil leaks, and limited body rust or damage to the vehicle.

Service providers of mobile roadworthy certificates in Ipswich and Brisbane can come to your door to carry out inspections on your vehicle.

What is a roadworthy certificate?


A roadworthy certificate, or safety certificate, gives a buyer protection and the knowledge that the vehicle is safe to drive. Obtaining the certificate requires an inspection by a qualified professional and it often must be produced when selling a car.

Who needs a roadworthy certificate?


A roadworthy certificate is required by Queensland law by any person offering a registered light vehicle for sale. This includes cars, trailers, motorcycles, caravans and any other vehicle with a gross vehicle mass up to 4.5 tonnes. Advertising any registered light vehicle for sale in Queensland without a roadworthy certificate carries penalties (most commonly a fine). This includes ‘in-window’ advertising of the vehicle for sale.

The seller of an unregistered vehicle does not legally require a roadworthy certificate, though for peace of mind they may choose to get one.

Circumstances in which a safety certificate is not required include:


● If the vehicle is passed to the beneficiary of a deceased estate.
● When the vehicle is being transferred between spouses.
● In some remote locations.

Why is mobile better?


A mobile mechanic should be your first choice for carrying out inspections for a roadworthy certificate. Mobile operators offer convenience because they come straight to your door. Additionally, an unregistered vehicle can be inspected without the need to drive to an inspection station.

What should you ask your mechanic?


● Do you offer same-day service?
● What is the cost?
● What items are covered by the safety certificate?
● How long will the inspection take?
● Do you provide a written certificate?
● How long is the roadworthy certificate valid for?
● Do you inspect all types of vehicles?
● What if my vehicle does not pass inspection?

If you are intending to sell your used vehicle, call a registered mobile mechanic, like Auto King, to come to you for your safety certificate. Not only will you be complying with the law, you will save yourself time. Call us on 1300 092 949 for an inspection today.

Three tips on choosing the right mobile car repairs company

By Peter Hill

Having your vehicle break down or require urgent repairs can be inconvenient and stressful, especially if you have to take it to a repairer or have it towed.

Fortunately, there are mobile mechanics and mobile car repairs companies that come to you. Service providers such as Auto King Car Repairs (Logan City) provide full

professional vehicle repair services across the Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast areas.

Fully trained and highly experienced mechanics will come to your home or workplace and carry out repairs to your vehicle on site. There is no need to leave your car in a workshop all day.

While major repairs are unavoidable, many people put off having ‘minor’ vehicle issues seen to; for example, the strange noise that can be ignored by turning up the radio.

Putting repairs off, however, can cost much more in the long run. It is advisable to have minor issues seen to as soon as possible so that they don’t become major and costly problems.

When choosing a mobile mechanic, consider the following:


1.The mobile car repairs company should offer the following basic essential services:Auto King Mobile Car Repair company

Adherence to Australian standard code of conduct.
Experienced, fully qualified, A-grade mechanics.
All equipment and tools required carried by the mechanic at all times.
Attendance at roadside breakdowns.
A complete range of standard services (batteries, servicing, safety certificates, tyres and repairs).
Same-day service, whenever possible.

2.Ensure the mobile car repairs company provides a fixed quote prior to beginning work and is willing to match or beat any reasonable price quoted by another provider.

Quoting should be free and with no call-out fee or other hidden charges. All potential costs should be covered by the fixed quote.

3.Check that a minimum 12-month guarantee on both parts and labour is provided. Additionally, the mobile mechanic’s work should protect the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty at all times.

Auto King proudly offers a premium mobile car repairs service covering Logan City, Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. We are a team of experienced, A-grade professionals,

who will diagnose and fix your vehicle in a timely manner. Contact us today on 1300 092 949 for all of your car repairs needs.