Why Roadworthy Certificates Can’t Be Trusted For Buying Decisions

You should never trust a road worthy or safety certificate as part of your decision to purchase a used car.

One of the big things we have found at Auto King is customers coming back to us because we’ve issued a safety certificate or roadworthy on a used vehicle that they have purchased.

The way it plays out is that they will be interested in a car, typically in a private sale or in a car yard, more often than not in a private sale.  They’ll go look at the car and everything looks okay too their untrained eye, and then they will proceed too buy it.  Straight after their purchase they will take it to their mechanic to get it serviced and checked out.

This is absolute madness!  If you’re looking at buying a house you don’t buy a house and then get a building and pest inspection report AFTER to make sure that everything is the way it’s supposed to be, you get it done first.  We don’t understand why people go and continue to purchase a car then get it checked out after they’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars.  Just because it has a safety certificate or roadworthy doesn’t mean that it is in good condition.  Safety certificate and a roadworthy isn’t a warranty either.

They are just certified as at the time of inspection there was nothing illegal on the vehicle.  If a vehicle has leaks of any description and they are NOT dripping from the vehicle onto the ground, that is still a PASS.  You could drive it for another 500km and it could be pouring out, it’s not a perfect system by any means but that is the legislation that we work with.

If you’re thinking of buying a used vehicle (especially a private sale because you have no come back) it’s imperative that you go and get a PRE PURCHASE VEHICLE INSPECTION first to ensure there’s no surprises after the fact.  You can use these to negotiate the price but more importantly you can have the peace of mind of any repairs that may be required.

A roadworthy inspection can be issued on a vehicle that is still working but has a blown head gasket.  A roadworthy can be issued on a vehicle that has a gearbox which is still operating but is about to seize because it hasn’t been serviced ion 100,000k’s.  A roadworthy certificate gives you no idea of the condition of the motor, the oil, if it’s been serviced it is literally a pIece of paper saying that the brakes aren’t under sized, that there’s no cracks in the wind screen and about 20 other things.  You cannot rely on that when you’re spending your hard earned money.

Never trust a vehicle with your money based on the fact that it has a roadworthy certificate.  For $200 you can get a pre-purchase inspection done on most vehicles which will give you peace of mind.  If you’ve purchased a vehicle and then taken it to a mechanic and believe it has issues that were covered under the roadworthy I’ve put a link to the legislation below to reference:


Click on that link and you can read what is or is not a fail or a pass.  A lot of mechanics aren’t licensed to do safety certificates and they aren’t up to speed with the legislation. They will give poor advice on what is or is not a pass for a safety certificate.

Make sure your armed with this information before you go and look at a vehicle, don’t learn this after the fact.

Gold Coast Mechanic Checklist

By Peter Hill

Gold Coast Mechanic ChecklistThe question of how often you need to get your car serviced is one that attracts many differing opinions, says Gold Coast mechanic Auto King.

Some manufacturers recommend a major, comprehensive service every 12 months, many are recommended every six months and a number of service centres will ask you to bring your car in every three months for a minor service. So who do you listen to?

In general, it’s best to be guided by your Gold Coast mechanic and service log book or owner’s manual. These will set down clear service schedules based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of your car’s make and model. They are based on time frame or mileage, whichever occurs first.

There are, however, some very clear warning signs that indicate your car needs immediate attention, regardless of where you are in your service schedule and even if you are between regular services. Call a reputable Gold Coast mechanic right away if you experience any of the following:

Smoke coming from underneath the bonnet This is a sign that the engine is over-heating and continuing to drive if overheating can damage the engine irreparably. Be aware of the temperature gauge on the dashboard. If the car is heating up, pull over until it cools, and call for assistance right away.

Excessive exhaust smoke Indicates an oil leak. There may also be a black residue at the bumper area near the exhaust pipe. Ask your Gold Coast mechanic.

Flashing “Check Engine” light This is indicative that something is amiss in the vehicle’s computer system – and flashing is a sign it is a major problem and requires urgent attention.

Leaks Any leaks under the car need diagnosis by a Gold Coast mechanic quickly. In summer, water from air conditioners drips from under the front passenger side; this is normal. Abnormal leaks which need to be checked quickly include coolant (green), and transmission oil, brake fluid, and engine oil (brown/black or dark red).

Changes to operation of the car Does the car feel strange to drive? Are there dramatic surges, or is there difficulty achieving speed? Does the engine cough, chug, vibrate or stall? Does it feel like it’s labouring? Get it checked promptly.

Strange noises while driving These include droning or dragging from the wheels, grinding or squealing when braking, or other abnormal noises for your car.

Call Auto King – the Gold Coast mechanic specialists – to come to you for immediate or emergency servicing of your car, even if you’ve only recently had it serviced.

Addressing issues as soon as they arise is not only safer for you and everyone else on the road; it will cost you less in the long term.

To book an appointment with a Gold Coast mechanic at Auto King call 1300 09 29 49.

Mobile Mechanics

By Peter Hill

Today, we will be discussing the importance of choosing the right mobile mechanic in order to save you both time and money. Few things are as frustrating as having your vehicle out of commission for any length of time: even more agitating is paying ridiculously high prices for shoddy work that took far longer than necessary. But we didn’t have to tell you that! If you are looking for quality mobile mechanic services that is headache and hassle-free, we have the mobile mechanics you need!

Mobile Mechanics

At Auto King, we know your vehicle is an essential part of your life. Our mobile mechanics are highly qualified individuals who will get the job done right, and fast! You will be hard-pressed to find a better mobile mechanic service anywhere else! With our quality mobile mechanic services, you know your vehicle will be in good hands and in working order as quickly as possible. You’ll be back on the road in no time at all! And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll beat any other mobile mechanic repair quotes.

We are the people you can go to if you want to save time and money, because our mobile mechanics are highly trained and certified individuals who take pride in getting it right the first time. We understand that you have a life to live, and that life requires mobility: so don’t allow yourself to be grounded by hiring someone less qualified to do the job…someone who will not get it right the first time, and also charge an arm and a leg in the process!

We have many satisfied customers who can tell you just how good our mobile mechanics are at what they do, as we have saved them time and money. So the next time you need repairs from a friendly and certified mobile mechanic, you know exactly who to call. Auto King!

What is log book servicing?

By Peter Hill

Gold Coast Log Booking ServicingWhen you purchase a car, particularly a new car, on the Gold Coast, log book servicing will be a requirement.

The service log book contains all pertinent information from the vehicle manufacturer, relating to service requirements particular to your vehicle for up to the first 200,000 KM your car operates. It represents a broad service schedule, which is guided by the specifications set down by the vehicle manufacturer.

According to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), in order for a car’s warranty to remain intact, motor vehicle dealers are allowed to insist that servicing on vehicles sold by them is undertaken by qualified mechanics (on the Gold Coast, log book servicing is carried out by Auto King), and in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. These specifications are outlined in your car’s service log book.

The service log book specific to your vehicle provides clear guidance for your Gold Coast mechanic as to exactly what needs attention at each service and what interval is recommended between servicing. A logbook service is comprehensive and ensures the car is examined to the standards that the manufacturer has recommended.

Many purchasers of new cars believe (and are told by the dealer) they must have the vehicle serviced at that manufacturer’s service centre to comply with warranty conditions. This is, however, not the case.

Vehicle owners are entitled to have all servicing of their car carried out by any professionally registered and reputable mechanic of their choice – as long as the service complies with log book requirements.

Why is log book servicing important? Completing vehicle servicing in compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications is helpful in not only keeping your car working smoothly and safely; it is crucial to preserve the statutory warranty provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Choose Auto King for all of your Gold Coast log book servicing needs. Not only do we offer a premium level of professionalism and expertise, we also come to you – so that wherever you are located on the Gold Coast, log book servicing can be undertaken without interrupting your day.

All of our Gold Coast mechanics are experienced and qualified, and all services are carried out to the letter of the manufacturer’s specifications. We also use quality parts where needed that are appropriate to your vehicle’s make and model. We always quote our fee upfront and our prices are fixed for routine servicing.

There is no more convenient way to ensure your vehicle servicing is up to date and compliant with your service log book.
To book an appointment for a Gold Coast log book service at Auto King call 1300 09 29 49.

3 Reasons Log Book Servicing is important

 By Peter Hill

Gold Coast Log Book ServicingAre you wondering what all of the fuss is over log book servicing? Can’t figure out why it’s so important and why you should be putting your hard earned money towards it? Well let’s have a look at 3 reasons why log book servicing is important.


1)      Warranty Staying on top of your log book service schedule keeps your warranty intact. If anything goes wrong with your car as long as the log book services have been up kept then you’ll be covered by your warranty. Also according to the A.C.C.C. (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) “In relation to general servicing, motor vehicle dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where you choose to get your car serviced, your warranty will remain intact.” This means you can shop around for the best value mechanic you can find to do the log book service.

2)      Resell Value Selling a car that has had its log book servicing completed properly will mean you can command a bigger price for your car. Having a log book service summary adds value to your car when it comes time to sell, any prospective buyer can look through your log book and see the pure fact that what they’re looking at purchasing has been looked after. Having a record of your log book service history is proof that you’ve been responsible and done the best by your car. This will make it a lot easier to get the price you’re after, being able to see proof that the car has been maintained means they’ll be more likely to agree to the price you want.

3)      History  This is simple, but it can be very handy in saving you time and money should any problems ever arise with your car. Having a history of what has been done to your car makes the mechanics job quicker and easier, saving you time and money. It ensures that defects are found and addressed before they become a problem and thusly reduces the cost of potential repairs in the future of the vehicle.

Looking at these 3 simple yet important points you can see why log book servicing is an important thing to stay on top of. So organise to have AutoKing come to you for a log book service that is the best money can buy you, just give us a call on 1300 09 29 49.

Factors to consider when you need a mobile mechanic

By Peter Hill

Auto King Mobile MechanicSo your car is on the ropes and you can’t even get it down the street to a garage for some help. In this day and age that’s no problem! There is an option that’ll come right to you and get you back on the road, you just need to hire yourself a mobile mechanic to head out and fix up your ride. But when hiring a mobile mechanic you have to consider a couple of things…

1)      Price Some mechanics will charge you an arm and a leg for a mobile car repair. Just because your car needs a hand getting healthy doesn’t mean you should have to starve to pay for it. Shop around and find the best priced mobile mechanic… And when you find them keep in mind (if it’s not Auto King) that we can beat ANY price!

2)      Honesty Everyone has heard of someone having a mechanic that does a lot of extra work on a car and then expects the owner to just pay for it without any consultation. Make sure you hire an honest mechanic that’ll give you a quote straight up and won’t charge you more than that quote. If something else comes up that you need to pay for then you should be made aware of the problem before it’s slapped with a price tag.

3)      Speed How fast can they get out to you? Will you be waiting days for them to get out and see you? At Auto King we can come out on the same day, your time is just as precious as ours and we don’t want you wasting any of it stuck at home with no car.

4)      Experience You don’t want some kid that barely knows what he’s doing working on your car. Whilst everyone does need to start somewhere, you’re lowering your chance for further problems by hiring a mechanic that knows exactly what they’re doing because they’ve done it a hundred times before. Auto King Mechanics have a minimum of 10 years’ experience under their belt so you can rest assured that they know exactly what they’re doing and can do it in a quick and cost effective way.

So keep these 4 factors in mind when choosing a mobile mechanic to come out to you. Price. Honesty. Speed. Experience. It can be hard to find a mechanic with all 4 qualities, but at Auto King you’ll find we tick all four boxes every single time. For any questions or a quote, please call us on 1300 09 29 49.  

Workshop or Mobile Mechanic? Which is best for you?

By Peter Hill

At some point, all car owners are faced with the decision as to whether to use the services of a mobile mechanic or a workshop, whether it be for routine servicing, vehicle inspections or repairs.

Traditionally, all car servicing, inspection, and repair work was carried out in a workshop or service centre. These days, however, enlisting the services of a mobile mechanic has become much more common, due to the myriad of advantages this option offers.

The workshop service vs a mobile mechanic




Workshop service requires you to book your car in, frequently well in advance and drop it off at the location early on the day of service. In most cases (unless a courtesy car is available), you will then be without your vehicle for the rest of the day. Any unexpected repairs will result in your car being unavailable for a longer period of time, and you may not always be consulted prior to repairs being undertaken. This translates to unforeseen expenses and extra time without your vehicle. The benefits of using a workshop over a mobile mechanic include better hoisting facilities (frequently not necessary for routine servicing and repairs) and the weather is never an issue (as it may occasionally be for roadside or driveway service or repair work).

Mobile mechanic


Auto King Mobile MechanicA mobile mechanic will come to your location, either at home or in the workplace, to undertake your car service, inspection or repair work. They are available to come to you at much shorter notice than an appointment in a service workshop will be available. Most mobile mechanics will carry all equipment required with them at all times, and many even have hydraulic hoists for safely lifting your car off the ground. Many diagnostic tools that are available in a workshop are also carried to your location by a mobile mechanic, so even if you have broken down, you needn’t necessarily be towed to a workshop.

As you are present while your car is being worked on, all repair requirements and unexpected findings will be discussed with you immediately so you can be the one to make a decision about when and whether to go ahead with repairs. You can liaise directly with the mobile mechanic who will work on your vehicle and you will never have an unsupervised apprentice undertaking work. A mobile mechanic can provide almost all of the same services as a mechanic in a workshop can do, but with personal interaction with the vehicle owner.

While certainly providing various levels of professional service, both the workshop scenario and that of the mobile mechanic have their unique benefits. Overall, however, the convenience of having a mechanic come to you will generally far outweigh any need to take your car to a workshop. Simply ensure you choose a reputable, professional mobile mechanic, like those at Auto King, who is fully qualified, insured and registered for reliable and expert service every time. Call Auto King today on 1300 092 949 for a quote or to book into a mobile mechanic (Gold Coast or Brisbane).

The top three cars as recommended by our Auto King vehicle inspection mechanics

By Peter Hill

Here at Auto King, one of the most commonly asked Vehicle Inspectionquestions by clients of our mechanics during vehicle inspection is, “What type of car would you recommend?”

To a certain extent, this is like asking: “How long is a piece of string?”. Like all of us, each of our mechanics has their own opinion, based on professional experience, vehicle inspection understanding and personal taste, and there are a number of factors that come into play when considering the answer.

When it comes down to it, most of our mechanics do have specific preferences as to the best cars on the road, based upon their background knowledge and considerations such as reliability, safety and workability. (It’s not all about how the car looks!).

So let’s break it down, according to the vehicle inspection experts:


Andrew – Roadworthy and breakdown specialist: Toyota manufactures the best cars on the road in Australia. Andrew’s opinion is based from the point of view of both reliability and workability. Founded in 1937, Toyota remains Australia’s top selling car manufacturer; its models are ubiquitous across the country and are renowned for their reliability. From the Corolla to the Camry, the Hilux to the Rav4, the 14 models this company sells in Australia are a proven guarantee of durability, safety, quality, sustainability, reliability and innovative design. We carry hundreds of vehicle inspections on these cars every year.

Dennis – Vehicle inspection, roadworthy certificates, servicing and repairs, has worked for Auto King for eight years and agrees with Andrew regarding Toyota, but also includes Mazdaas a frontrunner on the Australian road. As Australia’s fifth highest-selling vehicle vendor, Mazda is one of the world’s most recognised car manufacturers. It sells eight models in Australia and its focus is on safety, quality, innovative engineering and a contemporary, superior design.

Dennis adds that purely from a cost-benefit point of view on the price of parts, you can’t go past the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon for the hip pocket. These are head and shoulders above the rest.

Randall, who has 15 years’ experience in all mechanical and vehicle inspection areas, says simply: “If there was one best car we would all be driving it.”

He makes a good point. When pressed to nominate just one car for overall premium quality, he opted for the Mazda 3. This vehicle, one of the top 10 cars of 2014 according to www.CarandDriver.com, has a holistic approach to manufacturing, design and fuel-efficient technology. Aesthetically sleek and sophisticated, this vehicle provides its driver with superior quality, reliability and safety.

Regardless of what car a buyer decides is right for them, Randall, Dennis and Andrew all agree that every car should undergo a comprehensive vehicle inspection prior to purchase. It will save you money in the long term, provide peace of mind, and may even save your life.

To book your car in to see one of our mobile mechanics or get a vehicle inspection, call Auto King today on 1300 092 949.

Why Auto King?

By Peter Hill

Amid a large number of mobile mechanic (Gold Coast and Brisbane) service providers, Auto King stands head and shoulders above the rest. If you are deciding which mobile mechanic to select for your vehicle’s needs, consider the following as you make your choice.

Experience and expertise

Serving Brisbane and the Gold Coast since 2006, Auto King proudly boasts a team of premium mobile mechanics who provide superior service to all of our valued clients. All of our mobile mechanics (Gold Coast and Brisbane) are fully trained and registered to practice, and all have a significant number of years’ experience in the industry.


Experienced professional Auto MechanicThe entire team at Auto King takes great pride in our business and in achieving 100 per cent customer satisfaction. We guarantee that our mobile mechanics (Gold Coast and Brisbane) are prompt, friendly, professional at all times, and all work is carried out to the highest standard, while attention is paid to the strictest occupational health and safety requirements. The space in which we work on your vehicle is always left clean and tidy. We are the most competitively priced mobile mechanic Gold Coast-wide.




Range of services

A mobile mechanic (Gold Coast and Brisbane wide) can carry out all automotive tasks, including:

● Roadworthy (safety) certificates
● Routine servicing
● Repairs
● Car battery delivery and installation
● Tyre assessment, balancing, new tyre purchase and fitting
● Pre-purchase inspections (56 points)


Have all of your car servicing, repair, and inspection requirements taken care of without leaving your home. Auto King’s friendly and courteous team members will come to your location, be it your home, your workplace, or anywhere else you need to be, and undertake everything you need done on the spot. Our mobile mechanics (Gold Coast and Brisbane) make it easy for you every time. All tools and materials are carried with us to the site. With upfront quoting, full transparency and no gimmicks. We are usually able to accommodate a same-day service – meaning you need never again book in for service, repairs, or inspection weeks in advance.

As you make your selection of a mobile mechanic on the Gold Coast (or Brisbane wide), to take care of all of your automotive needs, the question should not be “Why Auto King?”, but more importantly “Why NOT Auto King?”.

Call Auto King on 1300 309 713 today for a fast quote and have one of our mobile mechanics (Gold Coast and Brisbane) help you.

Can I get my car serviced anywhere?

By Peter Hill

Car servicing is one of those routine chores we all know we need to see to, yet frequently put off.

With today’s busy lifestyle, those who need a car service (Gold Coast or Brisbane) know the rigmarole of booking into a service centre at a mutually convenient time, taking the car in early on the day of service, arranging transport back home or to work (or, even worse, waiting for hours in the workshop waiting room), getting back to the centre and then collecting the car at the end of the day can be extremely inconvenient to say the least.

Is it any wonder so many people put off or ignore the need for a routine car service?

Mobile Car Servicing

The good news is that there is an alternative. For anyone requiring a car service, Gold Coast or Brisbane, Auto King has a team of professional mobile mechanics who will come to you to carry out your entire vehicle servicing needs.

Wherever you are located, be it at home, at work in an office, on a worksite or even undertaking duties in your child’s school tuckshop, we can come to you and carry out your routine car service in the driveway, car park or by the roadside.




What are some of the benefits of enlisting Auto King to carry out your mobile car service (Gold Coast)?

Convenience: This may be the number one benefit to you as the client. Any concerns about getting your car to the service location and how to carry on with your daily schedule are wiped away. While we get on with your car service (Gold Coast), you can get on with your life – with no interruptions!

Transparency: When you take your car to a service centre or workshop and leave it there all day, do you really know just what is being done to it? Has the service actually been carried out properly? Has your vehicle been used for a quick trip up the road at lunchtime? Are you getting everything you are paying for? With a mobile mechanic, like Auto King, the work is done in your garage or driveway and you are welcome to watch us work (if you feel so inclined). Most mobile mechanics will provide an upfront quote as well – so you have peace of mind that you will get what you pay for.

Friendliness: All members of our expert team of professional mechanics are friendly and approachable – qualities that are not always present in mechanics working in a service centre or workshop. Mobile mechanics are trained to be, and are generally by nature, very friendly and easy to talk to – so questioning them about any aspect of your vehicle or the service should not be a daunting task.

Price: It is quite common that mobile car servicing is more affordable than workshop servicing – and you’re not paying for fuel to get to and from the workshop.

So the simple answer to the question of “Can I get my car serviced anywhere?” is yes!

Call Auto King on 1300 309 713 for your car service, Gold Coast or Brisbane, and let us come to you. Never again will servicing your car be a chore.